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Conformal Coating
PVA #550

The PVA550 is a highly flexible standalone positioning system for use in any adhesive or coating dispensing application.
The FCS100-ES extended spray valve eliminates masking of circuit board components by producing a concentrated, atomized coating film with circular shaped patten widths with transfer efficiencies in excess of 99%.

Surface Mount
Contact Systems 3AV

The Contact Systems vision assisted placement equipment is designed to be efficient and accurate for virtually any type of surface mount device.

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Screen Printer
Quad 100 Ultra Print

The Contact Systems Surface Mount device combined with our automated screen printer and convection reflow system, a highly versitile surface mount line is realized.

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Reflow Oven

Heller reflow systems are durable and robust, to fulfill the requirements for continuous 24-hour operation with minimal maintenance. They are designed to meet the needs of customers with rigorous demands, such as those found at the world's highest volume board assembly facilities.
We are constantly evaluating new equipment and processes to enhance our efficiency and quality.
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