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"I would like to express my appreciation to you and your staff for taking the time to discuss and review the requirements of the ICAP II DSMU project and the hospitality you provided during our recent visit of your facilities September 22 Ė 23 2003. The meetings and tour of your facility were very informative and assured me that Circom will produce quality products in accordance with your specifications.

The thing that impressed me the most was the processes and procedures John Bednarz has created to ensure conformity to your specifications. The cabling jigs and circuit board fixtures designed by John for use by the manufacturing technicians will ensure a consistent and quality product throughout the production run. Johnís enthusiasm about the project gives me confidence we made the right choice in selecting Circom to modify the circuit boards and fabricate the cables for the DSMU. It was also refreshing to see the pride your company puts into the products you build. The questions asked at the meeting showed your company is concerned with finding answers to potential problems before they become manufacturing problems.

The first article samples Circom delivered were all in conformance to the drawings and specifications and exhibited the highest quality of workmanship. Iím confident that the production units will continue to meet the required specifications and quality requirements as specified in our purchase order."

Mark A. Lague
Hardware Quality Assurance Manager
Northrop Grumman PRB Systems, Inc.
Hollywood, MD

  "Northrop Grumman PRB Systems, Inc. was awarded a government production contract to manufacture and integrate a Data Storage Memory Unit (DSMU) for use in the ICAPII EA-6B aircraft. Upon contract award, it was imperative to identify a highly ethical, reliable, quality-conscious EMS to perform modifications, manufacturing, and integration of various critical OEM COTS circuit cards. Circom, Inc. stepped up and met the scheduling and engineering demands. NGPRB's relationship with Circom is above reproach. For a small business, they are giants in their field."

Susan E. Batterson
ICAPII DSMU Production Manager
Northrop Grumman PRB Systems, Inc.
Hollywood, MD

"It's such a pleasure working with Circom. They are especially helpful when we need product changes; they are more than willing to make the changes quickly and smoothly. Our end customer sees no delays."

Charlyne McGraw
Purchasing Manager
KaVo America Corporation
Lake Zurich, IL

  "We will continue to call Circom and work with them to design and build our electrical controls. They are responsive, competetive, fair and pay attention to quality control. I would absolutely recommend Circom to buyers."

Don Baker
Senior Buyer
Molex, Inc.
Naperville, IL

"Circom jumps through hoops to meet our deadlines. They have a conscientious, 'Let's get the job done' attitude. And, they're always searching for new ways to improve our products."

Sandy Passmore
General Controls Electronics, Inc.
Elk Grove Village, IL

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